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Facebook Uploader for Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface

Fu is a Facebook Uploader for Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface.

You can now upload Photos AND Videos! Over 29 video formats supported!

You can share two ways:

Cool Way #1: From any photo or video  app, such as the Photos app, select the images and/or videos you want to share, and select Fu from the Charms menu. It's that simple!

Cool Way #2: Choose files within Fu, so you can upload directly from an SD card or from anywhere on your computer. After uploading, you can archive the files to SkyDrive or anywhere on your device, and even delete the files after they've been uploaded and archived.

Fu has many features that make sharing great and easy:

  • Upload photos and videos at the same time.
  • Create new albums when you share, right inside the app!
  • Set a global description for all the images you upload!
  • Set privacy settings for new albums!
  • Set a default album for uploading to save time!

Fu even has an odometer so you can see how often you've been sharing! Don't worry - we don't track it - it's just for you to enjoy :)

Note: You will need to run Fu once by itself to authorize it to post to your Facebook account.

I want to help you with any questions and/or features, so please hit me up on Twitter @Auri for FREE SUPPORT!

Easily upload photos, images, and videos to Facebook from any Windows 8 app or device, such as Photos Hub or an SD card

Works great with Microsoft Surface and any Windows 8 device